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UNILORIN Post UTME Practice Question Part 3

Part 3

20. President Barrack Obama is the.................. president of the United States of America and first African-American president of U.S.
(d)39th                                                       ANS B

21. A large area of water surrounded by land is called.......................................
(a)A dam
(b)An Island
(c)An Is berg
(d)A lake                                                   ANS D

22. A written piece of paper which indicates that goods bought and services rendered have been paid for is called...............................
(a) An Invoice
(b) A receipt
(c) A wage bill
(d) A trade document                                ANS B

23. The device for stepping up or down electricity voltage on transmission line is called......................
(a) Electricity meter
(b) Transmission station
(c) Transformer
(d) Step-down panel                                   ANS C

24. The major raw material for pottery is.............................
(d)Clay                                                        ANS D

25. If the total sales for a bag shop in a certain year were #150, 000 What were sales in July, if July sales were half the monthly average?
A) #6,250
B) #8,650
C) #12,500
D) #7,550                                                   ANS A

26. In UITH, Dr Steve has worked more night shift than Dr. Greg who has worked five night shifts. Dr Okon has worked fifteen night shifts more than Dr. Steve and Dr. Greg combined. Dr. Uche has worked eight night shifts less than Dr. Steve. How many night shifts has Dr, Steve worked?
A) Ten
B) Nine
C) Eight
D) Seven                                                       ANS B

27. At a basket match, Roland was sitting in seat 356. Peter on the right of Roland in seat 355. Samuel was on the left of Roland. Samson was by the left of Samuel. Which seat is Samson sitting?
A) 354
B) 357
C) 358
D) 353                                                         ANS A

28. While preparing for the post jamb aptitude test, Felix read through pages 35 to 78 and 102 to 127 of an English text book. How many pages did he read altogether?
A) 58
B) 70
C) 68
D) 64                                                            ANS B

29. How many numbers between 1 and 60 begins or end with 5
A) 5
B) 8
C) 15
D) 18                                                            ANS C

30. A researcher conducted in the laboratory showed that 55% rats died of liver disorder when exposed to sulphur dioxide but 96% of rats who died of liver disorder were not exposed to sulphur dioxide. This means that,
A) Small portion of studied rats was exposed to Sulphur dioxide
B) There is only one cause of fatal liver disease in rats
C) Sulphur dioxide is not particularly dangerous to theliver of rats
D) Most rats will not suffer from exposure to low level of Sulphur dioxide.         ANS A

31. Three people witnessed a lady who was robbed in a cyber café and they were asked to describe the mugger. Which of the following best described the mugger?
A) He was tall, of average weight and middle-aged
B) He was tall, thin and young
C) He was average height, thin and middle-aged
D) He was tall, thin and middle-aged                                                        ANS D

32. If 15 cans of food are needed for seven adults for two days, the number of cans needed to feed four adults for seven days is?
A) 25
B) 15
C) 20
D) 30                                                                                               ANS D

33. Which one of the following key techniques is necessary for all the others to be effective? 
A) Communication
B) Teamwork
C) Leadership
D) Technical know-how                                                       ANS A

34. How many Lunar months make one year
A) 13
B) 11
C) 12
D) 14                                                                               ANS A
35. Two-third of a class passed English Language as a subject. The number of students who failed English Language will be?
A) 1/3
B) 1/2
C) 1/4
D) 3/4                                                                                 ANS A 

36, “My Heart Jumped into my mouth” What is the meaning of the above statement?
A) To be confused
B) To be hungry
C) To be afraid
D) To be discouraged                                                            ANS C

37. It was Friday on Jan 1, 2010. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2011?
A) Sunday
B) Wednesday
C) Thursday
D) Saturday                                                                           ANS D

38. Today is Monday. After 63 days, it will be:
A) Wednesday
B) Monday
C) Tuesday
D) Saturday                                                                            ANS B

(A) 4050
(B) (B) 40500
(C) (C) 40505
(D) (D) 40550                                                                          ANS D

(D) (D) CANADA.                                                                    ANS A

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